A family tradition for three generations!

The cultivation of olive trees has been a family tradition for three generations!

A pleasant and fulfilling pastime, where passion, knowledge and experience are harmoniously combined. A family’s desire for direct contact with Mother Nature…
The cultivation of our own olive groves is performed traditionally with absolute respect to the environment. Using natural rocks, non-mechanized production and the utmost care of the cultivation, we have succeeded in creating a low-acidity extra virgin olive oil of the highest quality.
The traditional varieties "Manaki" and "Throumpa from the island of Evia" have been cultivated in our olive groves for at least six decades.

Chalkis, Evia, Greece

38°27′45″N 23°35′42″E

Our olive groves are located in the wider area of Psachna on Evia island, about 15 kilometers from the city of Chalkida. The estates are located on the fertile plain of Psachna, a stone's throw from the sea and have an unobstructed view lying below the Greek sky.

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